This is a great time to pull these weeds. The ground is soft and damp and so you just pull from the soil level and get the whole root. If you wait until summer when the soil is hard and dry, well, you probably know what will happen. Snap! You break the root just below […]

Garden Events in the Treasure Valley Spring is just around the corner! There are a lot of garden events happening locally. Here are the ones I found (there may be more): February 13: DIY Zen Garden, 6-8pm at the Downtown Public Library call 208-971-8200 to register. Free. February 16: Welcome to Boise Gardening at Far […]

Tulip Color Combinations

I love spring. I love tulips and I love all the colors of spring flowers that can make a beautiful spring landscape. I have been collecting photos of some of the tulip color combinations I have seen around town so I can make a plan for my garden. I hope these photos give you a […]

Lavender Clippings

The “garden gals” visited Lavender Acres in Meridian, Idaho to learn about pruning lavender in the spring, Grosso lavender specifically. Donna gave us a quick demonstration using the electric pruners and if you have a lot of lavender, you will need the electric shears, too. But, if not, the long handled pruners will work as […]

Cider Press

Autumn, a beautiful time when the weather is perfect, nights are cool, and the apples are ripe. A friend, Kit, offered the Garden Gals the use of her family cider press and so we got together and had a pressing party! Their backyard was the perfect September setting to work at crushing apples and pears […]

Help! My branches are breaking- OR How Many Ladders Do I Need to Hold Up My Fruit Trees?

Home orchards are a lot of work- trees need pruning, thinning and a watchful eye for pests and diseases. But if there is one job you should NOT neglect on your home orchard, it is thinning and summer pruning.