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Worm Camouflage

I keep worms- worms eat my garbage! I live in the high desert and the weather outside this summer has been hot hot, hot! So, I cannot keep the worms outside, even in the shade, when the temperatures reach into the high 90’s in deep shade. Wet burlap wrapped around the worm bin stayed wet […]

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Compost Tea

There are many ways to compost organic materials to enrich your garden in an organic way! I love that I don’t have to throw kitchen scraps and grass clippings in the weekly trash bin. Why not re-use your scraps for your benefit and keep waste out of the landfill! I separate kitchen scraps from coffee […]

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Trench Composting

I am experimenting with different ways of composting. The traditional way of having large compost bins can be sooo SLOOOOOOW. Plus, in Idaho, we have to continually water the compost pile in the summer to get any decomposition to occur. On to trench composting. The benefits of trench composting: 1.The scraps are buried in the […]

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