Bee at work on the crocuses

I just took this photo this AM, experimenting with a new camera.  This worker bee has been busy gathering pollen from the crocuses.  Notice his hairy back legs are full of pollen and he has collected some on his front legs as well.   The pollen is sometimes referred to as “bee-bread”, and when mixed with […]

Bearded Iris

Oh, the beauty of iris in spring! Just kidding.  If you did nothing in the fall with the iris, then they will look like this.  The leaves are brown and grey, mottled with mildew and lying on the ground. Time for some work on these guys.  But don’t be discouraged,  with just a few minutes of […]

Weeping Brown Sedge (Carex flagellifera)

Here is a weeping brown sedge before pruning.  This sedge is best NOT cut to the ground. Just give it a mild hair cut with the  long bladed pruning shears.                     Below shows me preparing for a “ponytail” cut for the sedge.  Using this method, the […]