Month: July 2012

Thrifty Garden Tip! And a new way to eat Kale

Early this summer, June maybe, the kale I planted last fall went to seed. After the seeds ripened, I tried to pull the kale out of my raised bed. The stem broke off and so I left the bottom 4 inches in the ground and threw the rest in my compost bin. Well, one month […]

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Summer Rose Care

Roses bloom like crazy in June, then when the heat gets intense in July, they rest.  This is the time to fertilize your roses.  Wait until the BIG bloom is over, deadhead the roses, trim back stems (not more than one third of their length) then add some fertilizer to get them through the stressful […]

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I wrote the caption in all caps, I think you understand the emotion behind it!  I love zucchini in the summer fresh from my garden.  In May, I planted seeds for 2 lovely plants.  The seeds germinated and put out nice green leaves.  Then, one day I noticed they were being eaten by an insect. […]

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