Month: August 2012

Petunias – I am reminded AGAIN why I don’t plant these

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My Favorite Tomato Recipe

I really wasn’t planning on putting up recipes on this blog, but then, I changed my mind. When you are up to your elbows in tomatoes, it’s always nice to have a new recipe to try out. Here is my absolute favorite tomato recipe. It’s simple, but it requires a few hours in the oven. […]

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What is eating my plants? Part deux

I have saved my zucchini from the voracious earwigs, thanks to the diatomaceous earth that encircles the plant and was reapplied as needed. The problem is the one plant that was eaten by earwigs (see vimeo is stunted. Below is a picture of the “movie star” plant next to the plant I put in […]

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Tomato Followup

In May, I wrote about the tomatoes I had planted and thought I would follow up and show you the abundance the plants have produced. San Marzano tomato Talk about prolific- Just about golf ball sized, Principe Borghese Striped Stuffer. I counted 6 tomatoes on this stem. Black Plum tomato, not quite black yet. Very […]

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