University of Idaho Southwest Idaho Research & Extension Center Parma Fruit Day

Here are some pictures taken at the Parma Research Center – Pomology day.  Just a few tables here with fruits!   Governor Otter gave a welcome speech praising all the efforts of the staff. Then  pomology researcher and center director,  Essie Fallahi, explained research being done at the center to improve these crops in Idaho, […]

Shannon’s Garden

The other evening, our garden club had the pleasure of visiting a local garden in Meridian.  There were so many unique aspects of Shannon’s garden, lots of garden art, beautiful plants and even visitors dressed in lovely period costumes.  Shannon rolled out the red carpet (and the blue glass!) for us in every way.  More […]

Tomato Tasting Winner

The results are in  . . . from my tomato tasting anyway.  I have tasted them all and have picked a favorite and also picked a variety to NEVER plant again. My favorite, the black plum tomato.  It is described as, “Black plum: Heirloom, Indeterminate, 75 days. Plum-shaped, mahogany with green shoulders.  2″ fruit are […]

Tomato Leaf Curling

This past two weeks I have noticed some of my tomato leaves have been curling up.  A couple of visitors to my garden suggested that perhaps I had a virus or something contagious that could infect my other tomatoes.  I had to go check it out because I really was not sure what I had. […]

More on Petunias and Bud worm

I realized I did not include the recipe for the spray that I use on the bud worm. Its easy to make, but you have to spray the plant frequently and thoroughly. But if you pay attention to your petunias and geraniums and spray them regularly, they repay you with lots of bright blooms. Bud […]