Winter Starvation

Here is a photo example of how a hive of bees starved this winter. The bees clump together to stay warm and keep the queen alive, but when their cluster is too small, they are not able to move very far. These bees ate all the food on this honey frame, but the next frame […]

Worm Bin Set Up

I bought 1/2 pound of red wrigglers from the Urban Worm in Boise. They sat in my garage for about 4 days until I finally gathered all the supplies I needed to set up my new worm bin. A gardener can NEVER have enough compost! Let’s see- I have 3 large compost bins, rabbits that […]

Raised Bed Gardening

I recently helped a friend get her raised bed started for the spring. First, we scouted out the best location to place this. Because once it is filled with soil, its not going to be moved easily! First, we checked for sun exposure. The bed will be used only to grow greens, not tomatoes, peppers […]

Grape Trellis becomes a Grape Tunnel!

This is what I was seeing in my mind when I realized our grape trellis had rotted out: (Double click next to the word Vimeo to get it full screen- it is so much prettier!) My poor grape vines have been suffering in the last few years because the trellis is slumping. The post finally […]

Warming the soil – Make a hoop house!

I wanted to get a jump start on planting some vegetables and so I needed to warm the soil.  The best way I could think of was to build a hoop house.  I was surprised at how easy it was to erect the hoop house and relatively inexpensive. Here are the supplies you need: 3/4 […]

Best Perennials for the Treasure Valley

In Idaho, it’s hot and dry in the summers and for some people, water is very expensive.   If you want to know what grows well in your area, walk around your neighborhood and check out the landscape.  Look to see what is in bloom, what is flourishing and even check out what plants look […]