Month: April 2013

Fish Fertilizer

I forgot to mention probably the most important part about Teri’s greenhouse and that is how she makes fertilizer for her plants. See the koi in the photo? Though her aeration system, she collects all the fish dung in her filter and then uses it on her plants. Ingenious!!

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Greenhouse Growing

This week I had the amazing privilege to visit a greenhouse in south Canyon County. It’s a large greenhouse with raised beds for growing food for the family. Here are a few pictures of Teri’s greenhouse.

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Not Your Mother’s Garden Club

This week, five ladies met and started a new garden club. This is something I have thought of for a few years – a new kind of garden club. I wanted to be in a garden club, where we each work together at each other’s houses and then sit and chat about what is in […]

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Rose Arbor Pruning

Here are some pictures of a rose arbor I pruned (along with the help of 2 other ladies). Before: This is the second year, I have pruned this rose. The first year, it needed a lot of work and we probably hauled away a trailer full of old canes. This year, we were able to […]

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The Lovely Juniper Hedges are GONE!

For as many years as I have lived at this house, I have wanted the junipers pulled out of the yard. People call them spider traps. They trap lots of other things, too! Our hedge was in front of our house- 60 Enormous FEET LONG! It blocked our view of the road- that’s not so […]

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What To Do After You Prune the Roses Without Killing the Bees and other Pollinators

After the roses are pruned, what happens next is fertilizing! I like to use a slow release fertilizer and I always add a few inches of compost around the rose. Try to keep it off of the stems. It can possibly cause damage to the stem. I do NOT use a systemic application to my […]

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Mister Lincoln Rose Pruning

I LOVE rose pruning! I am not sure why. Maybe because I have pruned so many, that I find it easy to do. I don’t have to deliberate much on the job, I just get at it. One thing I have learned after pruning thousands of roses- it is pretty darn hard to kill a […]

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Rose Pruning

fragrant!In Idaho, it has been said, that when the forsythia blooms, it is time to prune the roses. But, there is NO rush! I like to wait a couple of weeks after the forsythia blooms, because you never know when you are going to get a few more cold evenings that could frost the new […]

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