Month: May 2013

How to Make More Blooms from Your Climbing Rose

This year, I decided to do some pegging to make more blooms on my climbing rose, Blaze. This rose is planted on a small mound in my back yard. There is a short trellis- about 5 feet tall and I have placed it up against a staghorn sumac tree. I knew the trellis would be […]

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Heather’s Easy No Weed Garden

I stopped by at Heather’s garden in late April before she planted her warm season vegetables, to see how she manages weeds and water in her garden. Heather lives in the North End of Boise, her garden is large, dry and made of sandy, nutrient-poor soil. Tomatoes require a lot of water to produce good […]

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Amy’s Garden Tour with the Garden Gals

The Garden Gals got together last week and we toured Amy’s garden. She has a beautiful area to work with, the property has mature trees and a large variety of plants. The view out her back window is spectacular and I am not sure why I didn’t get a photo of it! Here are some […]

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