Fall Planting! And Frost Cloth

Why not plant a few things now that will live after the frost and you will be eating greens until Thanksgiving! Here are a few things you can plant now – there are many more, but once you read the list, I think you will get the idea. It’s all the same things you can […]

Tomatoes- will they ripen?

Boise, August 26, 2013. Our average frost date is October 6. That leaves us with 41 days left for the tomatoes to ripen! Will they make it? Last week I finally was able to pick several tomatoes off the vines. Enough to eat in salads, not enough to think about making tomato sauce- not by […]

Tomato Follow Up – It’s not good news

The spring and summer of 2013 have not been kind to tomato lovers. First, there was the late frost May 22, 2013- the temperature went down to 28˚ F. I had about 16 tomato plants in the ground that day and lost 12 of them. So, I replanted tomatoes around May 25. The ones that […]