A Cutting Garden for South West Idaho

It is always fun to have flowers to cut and bring into the house. It is NOT fun when those flowers droop after a few hours in a vase! So I put together a pinterest board of some flowers that do good to great in a vase- meaning they last longer than a day or […]

Gail’s Garden

Gail hosted the “Garden Gals” July meeting at her home in north Boise. First we toured her beautiful yard and vegetable garden, then we worked for about an hour in the vegetables, pruning shrubs and deadheading. After an hour of work, she thanked us with a lunch and many of the things were from her […]

It’s Budworm Time Again

If you have the budworm caterpillar (or tobacco budworm) attacking your geraniums or petunias, you’ll notice it now, in July. Here are some symptoms that will lead you to the conclusion of budworm infestation: 1. Budworm poop (small black dots, the size of a pencil lead) 2. Chewed foliage 3. Lack of flowers – what […]

Return of the Elm Seed Bug

Yes, it’s that time again when the elm seed bug invades our homes and garages. I find them on every window sill, hanging on doors, climbing into outside attic vents, window screens, in the rabbit feed storage. They really are everywhere. And when the temperatures get hot – in the 90’s or above they really […]