The Lovely Juniper Hedges are GONE!

For as many years as I have lived at this house, I have wanted the junipers pulled out of the yard. People call them spider traps. They trap lots of other things, too! Our hedge was in front of our house- 60 Enormous FEET LONG! It blocked our view of the road- that’s not so bad. It blocked our view of traffic approaching as we tried to pull out of the drive way – that’s bad!
It harbored a stray cat who somehow made a tunnel through half of it. It trapped our dog cuz he was trying to chase the cat. It collected about a dozen beer cans, soda bottles, a pair of underwear, a third-grader’s homework (see the dog didn’t eat it- the junipers did!) – and more items of trash.

The funniest blog about removing detestable juniper hedges is here:

Warning: You will be singing Donovan's song, "Jennifer Juniper", after reading it!

But, I digress...

We finally hired a neighbor to drive over with his backhoe and pull those wretched things out!

Then, he piled them in the back so we could shred them. It took 5 people 8 hours to get these junipers shredded.

Junipers ready for the shredder!

Junipers ready for the shredder!

Feeding the Shred Monster

Feeding the Shred Monster

We now have several loads of shredded bark for our shrub beds! And I have a new project to design and plant in the bare front yard. Now, I can see the traffic when I pull out of my driveway! Thank goodness!

Pickup truck full of juniper bark

Pickup truck full of juniper bark

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  1. Jeanne

    How did you get the roots out so you could re-plant? We have a stand about twice the size, and were thinking backhoe, but didn’t know what to do with the roots. I would really appreciate any advice from your experience.

    • Thanks for asking! The backhoe did a tremendous job of taking out most of the roots. The backhoe operator had some experience with juniper hedges and knew how to slowly pull the shrubs out so that the roots came along. It probably helped that we had a wet spring and so the ground was not too hard. We pulled out the few roots that were sticking out. I don’t expect to have any problems planting in the area.
      I am waiting for fall before finishing the planting. Our summer has been very hot, and we are going to put in a small fence and then plant after the fence is installed.
      Good luck with your work. You will be so happy you got rid of the junipers!

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