This week, five ladies met and started a new garden club. This is something I have thought of for a few years - a new kind of garden club.
I wanted to be in a garden club, where we each work together at each other's houses and then sit and chat about what is in the garden, how to improve it and to share knowledge about gardens, favorite garden books and recipes using garden produce.

The plan was that we would go to one member's house and work for one hour and then meet to talk, share and eat. Unfortunately, our first meeting was a very rainy day and so we just briefly toured the garden and met inside, warm and dry.

Garden Gals first meeting

Garden Gals first meeting

We don't have an official name yet, to be determined. But we are all excited about having the club over to our houses to get work together and get some great advice on what to do with problem garden areas.

Our first meeting was at Julianne's house in SE Boise.

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I love the chartreuse green of the hops, contrasted with the dark green rhubarb.