Amy’s Garden Tour with the Garden Gals

The Garden Gals got together last week and we toured Amy's garden. She has a beautiful area to work with, the property has mature trees and a large variety of plants. The view out her back window is spectacular and I am not sure why I didn't get a photo of it! Here are some photos of her landscaping.

The beautiful leaves of the gingko tree.
The beautiful leaves of the gingko tree.

Unlike most tree species, the ginkgo is dioecious, meaning trees are male or female. Female ginkgoes produce seeds, which are covered in a fleshy coating that contains butyric acid, also found in rancid butter and the smell can be offensive. "What died over there?" Fortunately, for Amy, she has a male ginkgo! A beautiful tree, with brilliant green leaves in the summer and a bright yellow in the fall.

Did you know, gingko trees have been known to live for 1200 years in China? That is not a typo, over a thousand years! In the US, they generally live around 100 years.

Amy has many colors of iris, and for some reason, I did not get pictures of them! I am guessing that she has about 20 different varieties.

Entryway to the house
Entryway to the house

Colorful perennials welcome the visitor to the front entry. In the winter, Amy has found the entry too sparse and so this spring she added several evergreen shrubs to fill out her planting beds.

Old, gnarled hawthorn
Old, gnarled hawthorn

I love this old gnarled bark on the hawthorn tree. It also has beautiful flowers!

Thanks, Amy for letting us visit!

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I love gardening and when it comes to vegetables, organic gardening is important to me. I am an Advanced Master Gardener with the University of Idaho, and my favorite garden activity is pruning. When I'm not cutting down plants, you can find me shooting photos on my Canon DSLR or out smashing overheads on the tennis courts.

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