Fall Planting! And Frost Cloth

Why not plant a few things now that will live after the frost and you will be eating greens until Thanksgiving!
Here are a few things you can plant now – there are many more, but once you read the list, I think you will get the idea.
It’s all the same things you can plant in early spring- they are hardy enough to take some frost. And if you add some straw or leaves on top of the bed, the carrots might make it through to spring.
Vegetables to plant in September

In October, plant garlic.

I have purchased some frost cloth or row cover, as the company calls it. I plan on putting this over as many of the tomatoes as possible. I bought the Agribon 50, or AG-50 the heaviest weight Agribon, (1.5 oz/sq yd) from GrowOrganic.com. They say it protects crops and nursery stock in freezes down to 24°F, with 50% light transmittance.
Using the Agribon will be better than covering the tomatoes with blankets and sheets because of the light transmittance. I will not have to remove the Agribon during the day if I don’t have time to do so. When you use sheets, you really need to take them off during the day to allow the sun on to the plants.

Follow this blog in October and I will let you know how the frost cloth works!