Here is common sage in early March.  I decided not to do any pruning on it yet.  It seems a  bit too early.  We are sure to get several more freezing nights and so I am going to wait for about a month.  Then, I will cut off the dead branches and shape it up with my pruners.

I pruned this sage to about 6 inches high in April. Since then, we have had several days of rain and the sage has grown lots of new leaves. Here it is in early May.

Tricolor Sage in May







Bee Balm ( Monarda) seed heads.  I left these up in the fall for the birds, now it is definitely time to cut them -  off with their heads!  And more.  These get cut to the ground. Once they are cut, and the debris is raked away, you can see the new shoots coming up. The best thing about cleaning up Monarda is the sweet smell that reminds me of Earl Grey tea. Even now, in March, the leaves give off their sweet fragrance.

Seed heads Bee balm



Spring bee balm uncovered!








Here you can just barely see the new growth popping up. Time to uncover them and get them some sun, and hopefully, rain so they can grow.