Here is a link to the USDA Web Soil Survey.

You can put in your physical address and obtain a free report on the type of soil in your garden.  Don't confuse this with an actual soil test, though.  The soil survey tells you the general properties of the soil in your area, its water holding capacity, stability for building, and many other things.

A soil test uses your actual soil from your land and is sent to a lab.  The lab then provides you with a soil analysis and instructions on how to amend your soil.  The soil test will let you know if you need to add fertilizer or organic material, it will show you the presence of heavy metals that could be detrimental to your garden. It is recommended to do laboratory soil tests about every 3 years.  Soil tests are not free, but once you have the results you will know exactly what amendments to add to balance your soil to make the most productive garden.  So, you could say it will save you money, because you won't be buying additives or fertilizers you don't need.

Back to the soil survey.  My survey shows the soil is called Elijah-Urban land complex.  What?? That I don't understand, but it does tell me that the slope of my property is 0-2 percent, well drained, more than 80 inches to the water table, no chance of flooding or ponding. It has moderate water capacity and is primarily silt loam.

You can locate your property on the site and print the report for your records.  My report was 15 pages long, including a color photo of the property.  Give it a look!