Here is a short video on planting some home made seed tape.  It’s March and the weather is warming up-  nights are below freezing but just barely and the day time temps are in the 50's.

This seed tape I made with a strip of toilet paper and glued the radish seeds with simple water based glue.  (Elmer's school glue for paper). You could also make a simple water and flour paste.

If you want to see how to make seed tape check out my blog here.

When burying the seed tape, tap it down well so there is soil in contact with the paper and make sure there are no white parts sticking out above the soil. I have found that birds, while building their nest, will be attracted to the small bit of paper and next thing you know, your seed tape is no longer buried! I have never found it removed and taken to a nest, but I have seen it uncovered. Just a warning.

I really like the seed tape- it's SO expensive to buy it from the nurseries, but easy and quick and inexpensive to make. Once night has fallen and you can no longer work outside, this is a project to undertake.
When dealing with tiny seeds,  it's so much easier to simply lay out the seed tape than to have to hold onto the minuscule seeds and try to sow them carefully.  Give it a try!