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I have planted 2 shallow pots with lettuce and spinach to sit right outside my front door.  That way, if I'm in a hurry, I could just run out there and start cutting.  The red leaf lettuce is sometimes referred to as "cut and come again" type.  Meaning, you just cut a leaf or two off of each plant and it will regrow more leaves.  Gotta love that, because just 2 plants of lettuce is not going to make many salads, if you have to replant everytime you pick!   I have a lot more lettuce out in the regular garden, too.

Plum Tree blossoms


If you own an ornamental flowering plum tree, be sure to go outside in the evening to really enjoy the fragrance of these blossoms!

RoseNot a particularly beautiful photo, but the new leaves emerging from this rose bush are a bright red!  I cut this rose bush pretty darn short this spring and removed a lot of the older stems- to produce larger flowers, but, on the down side, there will be fewer flowers.   This is a very vigorous tea rose so I have no worries cutting it this short. Japanese Maple in budSedum

This groundcover Sedum shows off some brilliant colors in spring.  This plant spreads without taking over other plant's territories and is drought tolerant.  Gotta love that.

This is a soapwort and I love the tiny pink flowers.  It's much more brilliant in person.  The brick warms the plant and forces it to bloom earlier than the other soapworts.  In July it will die out due to the heat, but return again in March.

IMG_6101 IMG_6062

Blues and purples shine here- dwarfed by tall chives in the background.  The columnar flower is a grape hyacinth (muscari).  If you want some, let me know!!  It spreads like crazy.  The other purple flower is grecian windflower (anemone blanda) and I love that this one spreads on it's own.