Several times in the past 2 weeks, I have stopped to admire the tulips in my garden.  The flowers are larger, the leaves are larger, the stems are longer!  I know it’s not my imagination.  I remember some springs where a particular group of tulips near my sidewalk, barely bloomed- the size of a golf ball- and then dropped their petals within a couple of day.

Brilliant color close upThe tulips are the largest I can recall seeing in my garden.  And some of these bulbs are 12-15 years old!

tulipsAll I can think of, is that it is due to the large amount of rain we had in March.  Wow, thank God for the rains!

One red lily flowered Tulip


I think the red tulip in the foreground is a lily flowered tulip.  The flower is larger than most of the other tulips and it is my favorite!  (If I am wrong about that, please let me know.)

I will have to plant more of these next year.