Fall Blooming

Here is a SHORT list of  fall blooming plants that grow well in

  1. Idaho heat 
  2. low humidity 
  3. alkaline soils 
  4. do not require a lot of water.    These are the best flowers I have found.  This is not a complete list by any means, and if you have some suggestions- I will add them!

Asters: Just try and trim an aster in full bloom on a sunny day!  The bees are all over them.  I am not sure if its the nectar or pollen or the lack of other plants available to bees at this time of year, but the honey bees just hang onto this plant by the (literally) hundreds.

Aster in bloom
Aster in bloom

Caryopteris: I have several of these near my front door and some people have said they were apprehensive about walking past them in full bloom because the bees are all over the flowers.  These plants are great for Idaho because they don't require a lot of water and love the hot sun.  Prolific and they will reseed.  And, trust me, the bees are much too busy collecting pollen to bother with any passersby.

purple flower
blue flowering shrub
Blue Mist Caryopteris

Goldenrod: Yes, it is a flower and a noxious weed! Don't dig one out in the wild and put it in your garden.  So many species of goldenrod are available.  It doesn't need a lot of water and bees will be hanging all over the plant.  It does reseed.

Sedum Autumn Joy: This tall sedum- 1 to 3 feet tall- has pink flowers that fade to a rusty color as the evenings get cooler.  I like to trim them in June so they flower at one  to 1.5 foot high and then they won't droop over to the ground.  The flower heads can get heavy!

red perennial
Sedum Autumn Joy



The sunflowers are never lonely in the garden-it seems there is always a pollinator flying around on resting on their flowers. All kinds of bees love the sunflowers, the wasps, solitary bees, mason bees, honey bees.

2 different bees on sunflower
Two different bee species on the sunflower. Sharing the pollen, playing nice!

Zinnias:  There are so many different varieties, colors and heights.  They don't have to be heavily watered and will bloom until a hard frost.  According to Organic Gardening Magazine the profusion zinnias and common zinnias are the best.  Bees are all a buzz over these bright blooms.

Pink flower
Love those big flowered zinnia's!

Published by Vicki

I love gardening and when it comes to vegetables, organic gardening is important to me. I am an Advanced Master Gardener with the University of Idaho, and my favorite garden activity is pruning. When I'm not cutting down plants, you can find me shooting photos on my Canon DSLR or out smashing overheads on the tennis courts.

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