A friend gave me some hops last year and I loved the chartreuse  color and the height they provided around the garden.  Last year, two stems grew to the top of my garage and flowered.  The flowers are attractive, aromatic and edible.

I decided to grow my hops in another area of the yard.  I had several 12 foot bamboo poles I bought at my garden club's plant sale.  Someone's bamboo was out of control! But I love the stakes- so many things to do with them.  Just ask my granddaughter about her bamboo pole tipi we built in the backyard- it took 5 minutes to erect and then we covered it with a small tarp held up with clothespins.



I placed 2 bamboo poles on my chain link fence and within 2 or 3 weeks the hops had climbed to the top.  Now I think they look a bit strange and so I have added a third stake.

No matter what I do, they look like a Dr Seuss animal! Something to chuckle about and to draw one's eye up, up, up!

Any suggestions for a better looking hop trellis?


Once the hops flower, I plan on making a hop pillow- it is supposed to help you sleep.  Then maybe I won't have any nightmares about those hop creatures attacking me!


Hops climbing for the sky

Light green hops climbing on bamboo poles

IMG_6482 IMG_6484