Juniper Hedges and the New Fence

I wanted to add several more pictures to update on the juniper hedges and their removal and shredding, the fence building and the flower bed planting.
Here are the photos with a little bit of commentary.

See the hulking junipers lurking in the background? And even worse, the dead spot in the middle of the shrub???
The juniper that collected clothing, the neighbor's trash, 3rd grade homework and someone's cat.
The world's ugliest shrub

We hired a neighbor with a back hoe to haul out the junipers and move them to our pasture to be shredded.

Junipers waiting to be shredded! Now that's good news.
Junipers waiting to be shredded! Now that's good news.
Fence building.  Notice the junipers are gone!
Fence building. Notice the junipers are gone!
Front Yard without the Junipers
Front Yard without the Junipers
Another view of the front yard - without those awful junipers!
The other side of the front yard - without those awful junipers!

elderberry shrubRight now, the fence area does not look that spectacular, but the perennials are new this year. Next year, they will be twice that size and the year after, even larger!
First year sleep
Second year creep
Third year LEAP!!
I have planted:
3 David Austin Roses (two are "Mayflower" shrubs, and one "Elegantyne" these bloom pink and will be about 4 feet high.
There are several self seeded annual red fringed poppies (they came in with the compost and I let several of the stay!)
2 Coppertina Ninebark (physocarpus opulifolius)
About 50 pink tulips
2 Serviceberry shrubs (amalanchier canadensis).
2 Russian sage
3 "blue mist" caryopteris
2 Creeping thyme "silver queen"
My idea was to have color for every season and to stay with blues, pinks and gray foliage. Of course, the surprise red poppies sort of messed that plan- at least temporarily.
The area I had to fill about 100 linear feet of fenceline- that's a lot of room to fill. And from a distance, it looks empty.

On the east side, there are:
2 Elderberry (sambucus)- that have bloomed and are so pretty!
1 Miscanthus Senesis a tall ornamental grass
2 Panicum "Heavy metal" switch grass
1 Serviceberry

Can't wait to see the progress in a couple of years. I know the shrubs will eventually crowd out some of the smaller plants, but that's ok. Plants are like furniture- they were made to be moved!

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