Last summer, we filmed a beautiful North End garden in Boise, Idaho. The tranquil sounds of water from the stream and waterfall greet you upon entering the backyard.
Take the tour of Gail's garden.

Or follow this link to the vimeo site for full page viewing:

Here is a listing of the perennials in the video, just in case you want them identified so you can plant them in your yard.

    At 2:05:17
    Hosta, 'Paul's Glory' (just a guess on the variety)
    Hosta, 'Paul's Glory' (just a guess on the variety) with bergenia cordifolia in front of the frog.

    2:36:24 Heuchera, commonly called Coral bells 'Green spice'

    2:42:16 Liatris, commonly called Gayfeather or blazing star

    2:46:21 Hosta 'Blue Angel'

    2:53:20 Anemone; Japanese anemone

    2:58:20 Hosta: 'Irish eyes' the green leafed hosta with creamy white border

    3:01:08 Buddleia davidii: Butterfly bush- unknown variety

    3:12:06 Phlox paniculata 'David'

    3:17:26 Clematis unknown variety

    3:24:07 Centranthus ruber; commonly called false valerian or Jupiter's beard

    3:30:28 Coreopsis lanceolata; commonly called coreopsis or tickseed

Published by Vicki

I love gardening and when it comes to vegetables, organic gardening is important to me. I am an Advanced Master Gardener with the University of Idaho, and my favorite garden activity is pruning. When I'm not cutting down plants, you can find me shooting photos on my Canon DSLR or out smashing overheads on the tennis courts.

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