The “garden gals” visited Lavender Acres in Meridian, Idaho to learn about pruning lavender in the spring, Grosso lavender specifically. Donna gave us a quick demonstration using the electric pruners and if you have a lot of lavender, you will need the electric shears, too. But, if not, the long handled pruners will work as well. The principles are the same, but it will take you 10 times longer!

My favorite shears
My favorite shears for pruning grasses, lavender, caryopteris.

Donna prunes over 3000 lavenders each spring, so she is very practiced at the art and pruning one lavender, even her giant 3 foot high grosso, only took a minute or two.
The key is to prune at the right time-when the forsythia is in bloom. The same signal we use for rose pruning.
Do not cut into the wood. She leaves about one inch of non-woody material all the way around.
Cutting into the wood makes for unsightly bald spots
Some of her Grosso lavender is 12 years old and they are about at the end of their life span.
Grosso can only be propagated by cuttings.
Grosso Lavender in bud

After the pruning, we gathered up several stems to take home to practice propagating our our Grosso lavender. And, even better, we also got to dig out a lot of volunteer lavenders. These are the lavender varieties that self seed, the Lavandula angustifolia varieties.

Lavender blooms

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