You’ve heard of the “people of Walmart”, well, here is “the plants of Walmart”. I wanted to see if I could plant a pretty pot with the most common annuals that you can purchase at Walmart.
Here is a photo:
Pot of annual

This pot has “wave” brand petunias, purple and pink, white alyssum, and blue annual lobelia. A lot of stores sell the alyssum and lobelia in six-packs. One tip to making your pot look full is to use all 6, or if the pot is smaller use 3, in one clump. Don't separate the six and make 6 tiny plantings around the pot. It looks thin and you lose the color impact. Here I put the alyssum and lobelia in clumps of 3's. This pot was planted about one week ago, in a month it will be full and beautiful. The alyssum will drape over the pot and the petunias will do the same.
I like this color combination, hope you do, too! Show me some of your favorite containers!

May 29. 2012 The plants are growing and here is another photo, two weeks later of this container.