In May, I wrote about the tomatoes I had planted and thought I would follow up and show you the abundance the plants have produced.

San Marzano tomato

Principe Borghese Tomato

Talk about prolific- Just about golf ball sized, Principe Borghese

Striped Stuffer. I counted 6 tomatoes on this stem.

Black Plum tomatoBlack Plum tomato, not quite black yet. Very productive!

Pay no attention to the morning glory weed, some how I got a picture of the one and only weed in my garden! If only that were true.

I have eaten several of the Principe Borghese tomato, since they ripened first. They are good and meaty. I have dried about 150 of them already and put them in the freezer. There are 2 plants of this variety and I would say there are about 400 tomatoes remaining on the plant. This one is prolific!

The yellow tomato- Azoychka Russian- has just started ripening. They have a very soft yellow color and an unusual flavor. A very low acid and almost sweet flavor. I added some slices into my egg burrito and I could not figure out what I was tasting at first. Then I realized it was the tomato and had to go back for more.

I am excited about using the paste tomatoes. My favorite recipe is a baked tomato paste, it bakes slowly in the oven for several hours and anytime someone walks in the kitchen, they want to eat some. The aroma is incredible.