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Nice picture, huh? The plants look pretty good, the flowers are growing and spreading and filling in the pot. Then, in one month, that all changes and the plant looks messy, thin and sick. That's my fault, due to not paying attention to petunia bud worm. I should have been spraying and actively deadheading and pinching off the plant to keep it vigorous and full. Here is the plant one month later....
Wave petunias in August

I did wake up a few weeks ago and realized how awful the plant looked and started working on it- first I cut the trailing parts of the plant off by about 12 inches. I sprayed it every day with a homemade soap recipe to kill of the budworm, and then deadheaded faithfully every few days. (I did discover I could be very lazy and deadhead the petunias by "power spraying" with the hose- how fun is that?) This did improve the looks of the plant, but I decided I would rather just get some fall color in the pot and not try to rehab this petunia. Next year, I will plant ©Vista Petunias (these do NOT have to be deadheaded) and watch for the bud worm, OR maybe I won't plant any petunias at all and stick with sun loving brilliant zinnias.

These are Vista© Petunia's from my friend's home in Boise. See what a difference! She sprays for budworm weekly - she uses a Zamzow's product- and does not have to deadhead. Aren't these BEAUTIFUL?? Double click on this photo to enlarge.