The results are in  . . . from my tomato tasting anyway.  I have tasted them all and have picked a favorite and also picked a variety to NEVER plant again.

My favorite, the black plum tomato.  It is described as, "Black plum: Heirloom, Indeterminate, 75 days. Plum-shaped, mahogany with green shoulders.  2″ fruit are borne in trusses; very productive.  Production may suffer in very hot weather. ".  The colors are very attractive and the flavor is rich and warm.  It seems of all my tomatoes, this one draws the most comments.  It did not produce as many fruits as I had hoped, but every one was a perfect specimen.  Very little cracking on the skin.  The interior of the tomato is also pretty, with red and green markings at the stem.

Black Plum Tomato

Black Plum Tomato

My least favorite is the Green German tomato. I am writing a BIG note to myself, never to plant again.  The flavor was just fine and I like having tomatoes of different colors.  The problem was the cracking on the tomato.  The cracks were so deep that I lost a lot of fruit per tomato.  None of the other varieties cracked like this one, so I don't think I can blame it on uneven watering or weather.  It is just a characteristic of this type of tomato- the epidermis does not stretch well.  They are very large tomatoes and, consequently, very heavy.  Just not very pretty.

Green German Tomato

This is a small one of the green Germans, most of them are twice as large!

Runner up for my favorite tomato is the Japanese Plum: Heirloom, Indeterminate. Paste type.  Medium pink, ribbed, plum-shaped.  They are generally a very large tomato and rather than call them plum shaped, I would say large PEAR shaped - with big asymmetrical  hips!  This is a very pretty tomato, does not seem to crack or scar. It can take the Idaho heat and still produce large juicy specimens.

Japanese Plum tomato