Every year it is a scramble to figure out how to best protect tomatoes from the first couple of frosts.  I like the system I worked out this year, because it is a quick procedure to run outside before dark and make sure they are covered up.  The tomatoes are trellissed on rigid fencing called "ranch panels" that we bought at the local D & B Supply Store.  They come in 12 foot lengths, but they will cut them for you at no charge.  So we had it cut to fit our raised bed and put T-posts deep into the ground to support the panel.  Now, when frost threatens, I get my trusty clothes pins and pin sheets to the panels.  They hold up very well.  Previously, I had a problem keeping the covers on the tomatoes if there was any kind of breeze, but the ranch panels are sturdy and the clothes pins won't let go.


Sheets clipped into the tomato fence 

Tomato coverage
This should hold off the first frosts