Warming the soil – Make a hoop house!

I wanted to get a jump start on planting some vegetables and so I needed to warm the soil.  The best way I could think of was to build a hoop house.  I was surprised at how easy it was to erect the hoop house and relatively inexpensive.

Hoop House on a raised bed.

Hoop House on a raised bed.

Here are the supplies you need:

3/4 inch PVC pipes  (about $3.00 apiece)  I used 3.  These come in 10 foot lengths

1/2 inch wide-12 inch metal stakes - "rebar stakes"  (about $ .60 apiece) I used 6

4 or more Metal clamps  ($2-3 apiece)  

3 mil Clear Plastic sheeting   ( about $15.00- and I have a lot to spare for other projects)

8 Heavy stones

Pound in the metal stakes at an angle, then place the PVC pipe over the stakes to make a hoop.   The closer you put the stakes to each other, the taller the hoop house, but PVC has a limit to how much bend you can put on it before it will break.  Trust me on this, I know from experience!   My hoops are about 3 feet tall, the stakes are about 8 feet apart. I hooped a raised bed that measures 8x8 feet, using 3 PVC pipes.

Drape the poly sheeting over the hoops, clamp each corner down with the metal clamps.  For the rest of the edges, I weighted them down with large stones - but you could use more clamps.

Add a thermometer to keep track of the temperatures inside.  This weekend, my hoop house got very warm- about 85 degrees! I planted several seed tapes (see previous post about making your own seed tape) in the hoop house and watered them well.  It shouldn't be long and I will have a green garden of carrots, beets, romaine and arugula!

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I love gardening and when it comes to vegetables, organic gardening is important to me. I am an Advanced Master Gardener with the University of Idaho, and my favorite garden activity is pruning. When I'm not cutting down plants, you can find me shooting photos on my Canon DSLR or out smashing overheads on the tennis courts.


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  1. pat estey

    Vicki, you have done an an awesome job. I love your pictures before and after with the spring clean up tips. The pictures are awesome. You should sell cards with the flowers or other garden scenes. Also can you do coupons for your garden work? They would make an awesome gift for mother’s day, birthdays.

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