This week the garden gals visited Lavender Acres in Meridian, Idaho. We were allowed to help harvest the lavender and then hang some in the barn. We learned lots about lavender, the harvest and we all came home with a couple of bundles of the their wonderful fragrant lavender.

Lavender Landscape

Lavender Landscape



Buzzing bees, warm fragrance, aurrounded in purple!

Bundled lavender

Cut and Bundled lavender

lavender in wagon

Hauling in the lavender for drying

Hanging lavender bundles

Lavender hanging in the barn to dry

Here is an example of the hand scythes we used to cut the lavender.

Hand scythe for cutting lavender

Hand scythe for cutting lavender

After cutting the lavender, we bound the bundles with rubber bands. Once we had bound a wagon full of lavender, it was time to head off to the barn to hang the lavender to dry.
The bees were happy, we were covered in fresh lavender scents.
All in all it was a beautiful fragrant day!