Yesterday, I visited the Urban Worm in Boise, to observe their wormy 🙂 operation and to buy some worms. I am going to start a worm bin for composting kitchen scraps. I have a large compost pile outside, but it is S...L...o..w to compost.
I have bunnies that produce some nice fertilizer for the garden as well. But being, a compost junkie, I just had to try out another composting method - worms!
Here are some pictures of the operation at the Urban Worm - located in the basement of the Red Feather restaurant in downtown Boise. You know these guys (worms) eat well!

The worm bedding recipe is:
3 parts Peat moss
2 parts aged horse manure
1 part shredded paper
Combine and moisten. The bedding should be damp but it should not be wet enough to squeeze out water from a handful.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.
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