I bought 1/2 pound of red wrigglers from the Urban Worm in Boise. They sat in my garage for about 4 days until I finally gathered all the supplies I needed to set up my new worm bin. A gardener can NEVER have enough compost!

Let’s see- I have 3 large compost bins, rabbits that produce large amounts of fertilizer pellets 🙂 and now, WORMS! Hopefully, I won't have to buy so much compost from the local nursery this year. Idaho soils need a lot of organic matter added to them. The soil is alkaline and compacted in my garden areas, so every year I add about 2-3 inches of compost on top of my plots. No need to till it in. In fact, using a rototiller just brings up more weed seeds and causes a freshly planted garden to have a great flush of green weeds just a few days after it is tilled. Did you know, weed seeds are well adapted to Idaho's weather and can remain dormant for DECADES!? Then, with the right conditions- like, say, an excited gardener with a large rototiller, digs down about 6 inches and stirs up all those seeds that were hiding in the dark and exposes them to light and VOILA- weeds!

So, it is much easier to add compost as top dressing. It gets worked in as you plant and weed during the season. If you have weed problems, there are many ways to control them, and that is a subject for another time.

Here is how I set up my worm bin. Enjoy.