Greetings Gardeners!

Hello Gardeners,

I started this website to share some garden tips with you and to provide a resource for your questions on gardening. My experience in gardening has come from several years of hard labor in my own garden and as an employee of a local design and landscape company.  I love garden maintenance and I am kind of lazy, so I am always on the look out for how to do things the easiest and most efficient way.  I hope you will visit this site and learn some new things about garden maintenance and I hope you will share your photos (Brag, please!) and tips as well.  Please send me questions and comments.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


Advanced Master Gardener

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  1. Rebecca Howell

    Hi Vicki.
    Thanks for your blog. I would love to follow it by having your new posts come into my email, but I couldn’t find a “Follow this Blog” button. Can you add that to your page?


    • Thanks Becca for your kind comment! I do not have a follow button right now, the site has been attacked by spammers and so I had to remove it and don’t know when I will get one back up.
      Hopefully, in the next month or so!!
      Thanks for reading!
      PS- Do you live in the Idaho area?

    • Dortha Lee

      no. I live in texas. appreciate your site and info. Thank you so much. I am pretty green but love flowers.

      God Bless
      Dortha Lee

      • Thank you for reading! I love to hear that SOMEONE besides my mother (OOPS, she doesn’t even read it!) reads this blog!

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