I love these shears! First of all, they are light weight and balanced so you can use them for quite a while without your wrists hurting. You can tell unbalanced shears after a few minutes of work, because if the cutting part is too heavy, they will drop lower than your wrists and you won't be able to cut straight. After pruning the perennials in the spring I don't feel like my arms are going to fall off. They are easy to sharpen and adjust with the knob. The very best!

This handrake I have used for years- maybe 10 years- and I do a lot of gardening. I painted it orange on the tines because I kept losing it in the trash bin, now it is much easier to find. This hand rake is perfectly balanced and lightweight. When I used to garden for a job, I would use this several hours a day and not get tired or sore. Its a bit more expensive than some, but worth every penny.

And now, my very favorite tool, fondly called the "hacker".  It digs weeds, the pointed end will dig a furrow for seeding and, of course, its lightweight!