Pampered Plants or Plants that Thrive?

After many years of gardening in Idaho I have come to a conclusion about how I will grow my garden. I am tired of pampering plants, I am tired of buying some new beautiful variety to find out in a year or two, they don’t like my soil, or the humidity or the winter snow […]

Saving Water in the Garden

This is a HOT week. Probably every day will be over 100 degrees. Hot weather, drought, expensive water- all reasons to pay attention to how you water your garden. You want to make every drop count. First, you should watch what happens when you are watering. I say this to those people who do not […]

Trap Crops

Trap crops are used to keep the bugs busy eating a plant you don’t care much about so they leave your more treasured plants alone. Consider a trap crop a distraction, a red herring crop? It’s like they are saying, “Hey, look at me- over here- ignore that big green handsome crop down the way- […]

Spring Plants That Repel Animal Pests

Today, I have a guest writer on Vicki’s Garden Tips: Her name is Trisha Miller, from You can find more about Trisha at twitter @thatdangvegan, or email her at thatdangvegan (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you, Trisha for your timely article! Thursday, this week, I had a gopher tunneling through my front door flower […]

Tour a Peaceful Boise North End Garden

Last summer, we filmed a beautiful North End garden in Boise, Idaho. The tranquil sounds of water from the stream and waterfall greet you upon entering the backyard. Take the tour of Gail’s garden. Or follow this link to the vimeo site for full page viewing:

A Simple Guide to Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses in Spring

I said simple, so I’m gonna make bullet points for those who skim read only. For you who want more detailed info, it will be after this text. 1. Clean all your pruning tools. 2. Prune all the canes for height. You determine the height you want. More info below 3. Cut to the base […]

Bulbs for Spring- Plant now.

Somehow, it doesn’t make sense: We have worked through a long hot summer of weeding and deadheading Now, processing tomatoes and peppers, pumpkins. I want a rest!- But, if I want flowers in the spring (tulips), they have to be planted this month. It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing it and […]


I love my flowers, but by August, I am worn out. It’s the heat, the vegetable garden that needs attention and running off to see the grandkids that keeps me away from the flower garden. Today, I finally decided enough is enough- the flowers are an unruly mess and I placed cages around the worst […]