Tour a Peaceful Boise North End Garden

Last summer, we filmed a beautiful North End garden in Boise, Idaho. The tranquil sounds of water from the stream and waterfall greet you upon entering the backyard. Take the tour of Gail’s garden. Or follow this link to the vimeo site for full page viewing:

Fall Planting! And Frost Cloth

Why not plant a few things now that will live after the frost and you will be eating greens until Thanksgiving! Here are a few things you can plant now – there are many more, but once you read the list, I think you will get the idea. It’s all the same things you can […]

Raised Bed Gardening

I recently helped a friend get her raised bed started for the spring. First, we scouted out the best location to place this. Because once it is filled with soil, its not going to be moved easily! First, we checked for sun exposure. The bed will be used only to grow greens, not tomatoes, peppers […]