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June is the month for roses. They are at their absolute best in June, in Boise. The leaves are still fresh and green, the insect damage is minimal and the blossoms are big and bright. Roses are great for cut flowers as well since they will stay looking good for about a week, as long […]

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How to Make More Blooms from Your Climbing Rose

This year, I decided to do some pegging to make more blooms on my climbing rose, Blaze. This rose is planted on a small mound in my back yard. There is a short trellis- about 5 feet tall and I have placed it up against a staghorn sumac tree. I knew the trellis would be […]

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Rose Arbor Pruning

Here are some pictures of a rose arbor I pruned (along with the help of 2 other ladies). Before: This is the second year, I have pruned this rose. The first year, it needed a lot of work and we probably hauled away a trailer full of old canes. This year, we were able to […]

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