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How to Make More Blooms from Your Climbing Rose

This year, I decided to do some pegging to make more blooms on my climbing rose, Blaze. This rose is planted on a small mound in my back yard. There is a short trellis- about 5 feet tall and I have placed it up against a staghorn sumac tree. I knew the trellis would be […]

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Rose Arbor Pruning

Here are some pictures of a rose arbor I pruned (along with the help of 2 other ladies). Before: This is the second year, I have pruned this rose. The first year, it needed a lot of work and we probably hauled away a trailer full of old canes. This year, we were able to […]

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What To Do After You Prune the Roses Without Killing the Bees and Butterflies and other Pollinators

After the roses are pruned, what happens next is fertilizing! I like to use a slow release fertilizer and I always add a few inches of compost around the rose. Try to keep it off of the stems. It can possibly cause damage to the stem. I do NOT use a systemic application to my […]

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