Tulip Color Combinations

I love spring. I love tulips and I love all the colors of spring flowers that can make a beautiful spring landscape. I have been collecting photos of some of the tulip color combinations I have seen around town so I can make a plan for my garden. I hope these photos give you a […]

Lavender Clippings

The “garden gals” visited Lavender Acres in Meridian, Idaho to learn about pruning lavender in the spring, Grosso lavender specifically. Donna gave us a quick demonstration using the electric pruners and if you have a lot of lavender, you will need the electric shears, too. But, if not, the long handled pruners will work as […]

Help! My branches are breaking- OR How Many Ladders Do I Need to Hold Up My Fruit Trees?

Home orchards are a lot of work- trees need pruning, thinning and a watchful eye for pests and diseases. But if there is one job you should NOT neglect on your home orchard, it is thinning and summer pruning.

Pampered Plants or Plants that Thrive?

After many years of gardening in Idaho I have come to a conclusion about how I will grow my garden. I am tired of pampering plants, I am tired of buying some new beautiful variety to find out in a year or two, they don’t like my soil, or the humidity or the winter snow […]


I love my flowers, but by August, I am worn out. It’s the heat, the vegetable garden that needs attention and running off to see the grandkids that keeps me away from the flower garden. Today, I finally decided enough is enough- the flowers are an unruly mess and I placed cages around the worst […]

Best Perennials for Attracting Bees and Annuals

Fall Blooming Here is a SHORT list of  fall blooming plants that grow well in Idaho heat  low humidity  alkaline soils  do not require a lot of water.    These are the best flowers I have found.  This is not a complete list by any means, and if you have some suggestions- I will add them! Asters: […]


June is the month for roses. They are at their absolute best in June, in Boise. The leaves are still fresh and green, the insect damage is minimal and the blossoms are big and bright. Roses are great for cut flowers as well since they will stay looking good for about a week, as long […]

Worm Bin Set Up

I bought 1/2 pound of red wrigglers from the Urban Worm in Boise. They sat in my garage for about 4 days until I finally gathered all the supplies I needed to set up my new worm bin. A gardener can NEVER have enough compost! Let’s see- I have 3 large compost bins, rabbits that […]

Best Perennials for the Treasure Valley

In Idaho, it’s hot and dry in the summers and for some people, water is very expensive.   If you want to know what grows well in your area, walk around your neighborhood and check out the landscape.  Look to see what is in bloom, what is flourishing and even check out what plants look […]

The Grafted Tomato

I have read so much recently about grafted tomatoes and I am SOLD! These new tomatoes produce larger plants, larger tomatoes, more tomatoes, healthier plants – so why not grow them? What is a grafted tomato? Don’t worry, there is no genetic messing around that could upset you or mother nature. Grafting is NOT a […]