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Winter Starvation

Here is a photo example of how a hive of bees starved this winter.
The bees clump together to stay warm and keep the queen alive, but when their cluster is too small, they are not able to move very far. These bees ate all the food on this honey frame, but the next frame over- maybe 3inches away_ was full of good nutrition. They were unable to move to the full frame to eat and so, they starved.
So sad . . .
Thanks to a member of the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club for this real life example!

bees dead

Another exhibit at the recent Bee Club meeting was this home made solar wax melter. If you have ever tried to melt wax, you can really appreciate this item! Wax is messy and dangerous in the kitchen if you put too much heat on it! Don’t ask how I know. 🙁

DIY Solar Wax Melter
DIY Solar Wax Melter